I think of improv as a superfood for mind and body. Almonds, blueberries and dark chocolate are fun to eat and are good for you. Improvisation is fun and playful, plus it energizes our minds and bodies, literally forming new neural pathways in the brain.

I’m a founding member of Unexpected Productions’ Theatresports, as well as the Off the Wall Players, one of Seattle’s first comedy/ improv troupes. Today I teach and am a cast member at Unexpected Productions in the Market Theatre. Some of my favorite Almost Live television comedy videos were improvised, either in spontaneous interactions with people on the street, or in improvising with comedy geniuses like Pat Cashman or John Keister.


A man on the street investigation into The Bead Store, a mysterious shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market that is in a continuous identity crisis. From Almost Live.


Two brave heroes take a thrilling journey to a clogged sink. Improvised by Pat Cashman, Joe Guppy & Nancy Guppy from an outline by Pat.


What happens when your best friend wants to date your girlfriend? Improvised by John Keister & Joe Guppy from a story outline by John. From Almost Live.